Nordic Access is a service that connects HealthTech and MedTech companies with testing actors across the Nordics. Our service consists of a conversational online Workbook and a live Board consultation. As an end result the Test Readiness Certificate and our recommendations clarify the testing needs and goals as well as direct you to the most suitable testing partners.

To whom it is for?

HealthTech and
MedTech companies

with distinct testing needs

Ideal for early stage companies that have recently launched or are planning to launch new products or services.

Companies near commercial phase looking for opportunities to ensure their suitability within the Nordic healthcare environments.

Nordic Access service is open to all companies regardless of size or country of origin.

Our benefits for Your advantage

Clear and effective communication of testing needs and goals

Immediate feedback and input from business experts and public sector

Saves time and money as well as speeds things up when looking for a testing partner

Valuable insights on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of health institutions

Route to test your solutions in the diverse network of testing actors across the Nordic region

Companies seeking funding can benefit from faster and more accurate testing offers

Participating companies

How does Nordic Access work?


Company fills in our conversational online Workbook.


The company is invited to a one hour live Nordic Access Board consultation.


Company gets Test Readiness Certificate™ and recommendations of suitable testing partners.


Upcoming Board Consultation

September 2024

October 2024

Nordic Access Board consultation is an exclusive part of Nordic Access service. Every participant who has completed the workbook is invited to the live Board meeting. During the meeting we clarify the testing needs and goals together with the participating companies. Nordic Access Board meeting is a one hour long interactive consultation with experts from both public and business sectors. It offers participating companies a unique opportunity for direct interaction with municipalities and business experts as well as instant feedback. After the Board meeting the company receives the Test Readiness Certificate™ and recommendations about testing partners. Start your process towards testing by filling out the Workbook now!

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Project Partners

Nordic Access is the service resulting from the One Stop Funnel project, co- funded by Nordic Innovation. Project partners consist of Aarhus Municipality Denmark, Region Västerbotten Sweden and Arnora Oy Finland.

The Nordic region is a hub for innovative and cutting-edge research in the medical and healthcare industries. However, numerous companies face obstacles in efficiently connecting with the right testing actors that often result in unnecessary delays in bringing innovative technologies to market. Recognizing the need for transformative solution, Nordic Access was conceptualized as a comprehensive service that will bridge the gap between companies and testing partners.

Project Partners

Calling all HealthTech and MedTech industry experts, testbeds and livinglabs, cluster companies, incubators, investors, and other stakeholders!

If you are seeking services related to company evaluations or have cooperation proposals, we invite you to connect with us. Let’s engage in a fruitful conversation and explore the possibility of forming partnerships for mutual progress in the field.

Let's connect!

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